Sunday, 11 July 2010

Who needs cars?

Didn't think I'd say this but I've barely used the car the last few weeks. My shifts have been relatively kind but I'm on super earlies next week which could signal the start of a much needed rest. I'd love to keep my time trialling to work up well into next week but I will burn out anytime soon.

Friday's commute saw the first glimmer of my imminent collapse. The night before I had little sleep which is nothing new but no breakfast so was low on energy. I just felt I had bonked for the 20miles but amazingly I still managed 20mph average. Recently I have changed saddle position again! so that I can pull up more on the pedals using my large hamstring and gluteal muscles which is unusual for a cyclist as its normally the quads that is the main muscle. So when my quads die like today I have a reserve supply.

Commute home was easier, lots more power in the legs and managed 20.5mph.

Saturday's commute, not much to say really just a crappy windy,hot, humid day. 20.5mph.

The uphill battle home has been a good tester for my sitting down power, no standing allowed! and Im gettting stronger day by day but I think its more to do with technique. Bontrager xxx race lite wheels which im not happy with the rear one as I feel a lot of drag, not sure if its a hub problem or if they are really bad aerodynamically, or the wind direction but I can usually feel the wind pushing the body, this was in the legs and behind me. Still did a great 21.3mph for 20 miles. Wanted to save something for my Sunday ride but I went hard.

Just realised my Sat ride home was a record average for me. I have just gone to double check the readings as I don't believe it at is correct. Hmmmm some secret weapon I had last week. 210miles weekly total.

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