Monday, 19 July 2010

Not enough rest.

As per title, story of my week. I think I am facing burnout and need a long rest but there's always something there saying ' you will put lots of weight on the amount of shit you eat' or/and 'it'll take at least 2weeks to get to the same level as you were at if you have even one rest day!' The last 3 Sundays I have taken as rest days as well as wed/sun of the week just gone.

Monday and Tuesday I cycled to work, can't remember averages but I do remember Tuesday being ultra difficult and not hitting 20mph average for my 20 mile commutes in either direction. Swam Tuesday too. Swam on Thursday, footie on friday and went to Cowm res to swim on Sat. Footie really hurts my muscles, all of them not just my leg ones. I figured as I was having a rest it wouldn't matter playing again and I enjoyed it sooo much this time. Sunday came and went, desperately wanted to get out and ride, that's all I could think about ALL day. Sad fecker I know. Could I go a whole week without cycling....NO! So it was Monday's turn.

Alarm set for 8am but didn't get up til 10.30am. Forcast was for showers at midday but outside there were sunny spells and it looked like it could be like that for a while so I chanced it. Just in case it did rain I took Jamis out for a training ride which is unusual for me. There was a nagging feeling that I won't be able to go as fast as I'd like or as far, it was coming from my thighs that were still aching from Friday. Once out I was pacing my self, getting warmed up and faster as the day went on and it still didn't look like it would rain.

I took a long way round to Edenfield rd, not direct, and caught up to a MTB'er. This was no ordinary MTB'er but a fast one! Forget pacing the climb this git was late for work and in a rush and I don't like being re overtaken! Thats how quick he was going,we had time to chat a little. hehe. After exchanging the customary pleasantries I pulled away gradually and saw him shoot straight to the back of my wheel. I was at 13mph up Edenfield rd which I don't think I have ever done before. It was a bit much for him in the end, good job too because I was starting to get into the red.

I did have a route planned in my head before I set off but changed it at the last second as I headed into Bacup. Normally I'd go up Bacup/Tod road but changed my mind to go up Burnley road, I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more. Still got me to the same place in the end and headed towards Cragg. After 41miles at the bottom of Cragg I had averaged 20.5mph. I prayed for the wind to be kind but it wasn't answered. Most of my energy was being used to get up this monster with a double figured headwind. Slog slog slog, Using my old technique of standing for 8-10 pedal stokes and sitting for as long as possible until the speed dropped. It was working until the exposed bits at the top where in the past I had done 17-20mph but struggled to do 11mph today. The descent was pretty bad too, getting blown left and right.

At Littleborough I was at 19.3mph average thats about 50miles in but that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to climb Bacup road as once at the top there was a 20mile 'downhill' section home which was sure to put me over 20mph average. I had got myself to 19.5mph average at the start of the climb but once on it my legs had gone. No power to push and the thighs were sore/burning not recovered from the footie which I knew would affect me in the end. All I could do was put Jamis in the lowest gear and sit back and actually try to enjoy the ride home. It was painful but I eventually found my way home, not losing as much time as I thought.

When I got off the bike I wanted to get back on it and pedal as the weight on my legs was unbearable. It felt like they were being torn to pieces just like my average speed. I hadn't done a long ride for a while so I wondered if that contributed to my poor effort or if I really do need a long rest, which I think is more likely. Thirdly it could be the fact that I had nothing to eat and half a bottle of drink ( to minimise weight due to not being on Scottie, LOL) for the 4 hrs+ I was out. D'oh. Due to the weather holding out I doubled my expected distance.

Distance ~80miles
Average SP 18.6mph
Ascent 6000ft

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