Thursday, 8 July 2010


I seem to be lacking in something anyway. Its been nearly 3 weeks since I posted last, not because I haven't done anything but due to not being arsed and time is being hard to come by recently. THe worst aspect I have been lacking in is SLEEP. I haven't had a good nights worth of the stuff for over a month and I suppose my anxiety arising from that isn't helping.

After the triathlon I had a bit of a break and only managed about 3hrs worth of exercise, not on the bike, that week which was leading up to the rail sport games on Sat 26th/27th June at Blackpool. I played in all 3 qualifying games winning 2-0, 8-0 and losing 2-1. We progresssed to the finals on Sun only to get knocked out 1st game by last years winners 4-1, a game I didn't play as I gave the others a chance as I was the only one who hadn't been substituted. Usually I don't find it hard to get fired up for footie but my head was down and I wasn't interested in the games at all. Getting to bed at 4am after a nights drinking ( something I haven't done in ages) was a welcome distraction and enjoyed to the max.

The following days were spent recovering from about 5 mins of running I did at the footie matches, the legs sore and heavy. I ran 10km at the tri and legs were fine but kick a ball about and they fall to pieces. The commutes hampered recovery as I tend to hammer it all the time. So last week I probably did about 180miles of cycling, 140 being extended commutes. This week is seeing more of the same, 20miles each way to work and back. Rain on wednesday pissed me off as I stuffed my face Tuesday so I could do a big ride. hopefully Thursday is fine.

I have a secret weapon I have been using on my commutes that seem be be helping the last couple of times but I wont use it/them again commuting. I have broken my fastest averages record because of it/them getting 22mph on a 22mile commute to work and 21.2 mph on a 21 mile commute home. The latter being exceptional as the swirly wind was terrible and its uphill. Also haven't gone under the 20mph mark average the last 2 weeks commuting which is a sign of improvement considering my state of mind.

Pantani and I have decided to enter our first time trials of the year. Beginning of August when the season is bloody ending! Anyhow it's up at Levens, which on a good windless day is very fast. We will both have our secret weapons out for this one!!! One word..... 'Dedacciai'

P.S. Well done to all those who did great times in the Manchester to Blackpool, I've read most of the blogs just can't be bothered to type a reply.

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