Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day after 'Spud' commute

My picture from Spud Riley. Second photo of the day. Not a great photo. And here's me chasing the leader :) in the background.  Memories I'd like to forget as soon as possible. Checked out the sport timing website, my actual time was 3hrs 47 and the 'winner' 3hrs 16. Oh what could have been. Going on holiday at the end of the week and a much  needed break. The only problem is limiting the amount of weight Im going to put on as Im already 8 kgs over my lowest at Sept last year.

Monday afternoon commute to work I didn't know what to expect from myself. Just go for it! It was windy, warm and the air pressure low. Good combo? Cadence quite high ( 96) and heart rate (155) not as high as expected. One of my fastest commutes of the year!

Going home was a total contrast. Cold, no wind, low pressure. Went as hard as possible all the way around. Looking at the heart rate graph is very amusing.Starts off at 160 going hard and I thought I was on the limit all the way around ended up at 130 when I felt I was giving my all. My toes were completely numb, not seen since February.

To Work     Distance 20 miles      Av Sp 22.2mph

To Home     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 19.4mph

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