Sunday, 21 November 2010

You gotta be kiddin'?


Very quickly, headwind for first 30 miles into Holmfirth. Turned around expecting  super tail wind which I got for 5 miles, uphill on Holmfirth Rd, slowest 14mph on the steepest bits up to 20mph on less steep and close to 30 just before the big drop into Greenfield. Fantastic. Nope, as soon as I hit the descent head/cross wind all the way home. Looked at wind direction on bbc weather. South/East Manc, Hudders, and North Manc all had WILDLY different directions and I know for a fact the speed was higher than 12mph (in places) as shown on website. Good training I suppose.

Toes were freezing all the way around and I did a little experiment by putting one latex glove on one of my hands then put glove on. No difference. Didn't even sweat or crinkle up as I expected. Both hands fairly cold.

Distance     ~65miles+
Ascent         4500ft
Average Sp  17.1mph

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