Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Enjoying Training

Tues 23rd Nov-    

Went to gym before my membership runs out as I have just cancelled it, could be a mistake as really cold weather is due for setting in for a few weeks/months. Went on gym bike for a 10mile TT to see how much I am progressing or not. Usually I go on level 13 and have a cadence of about 106 but today for some strange reason I went on level 9 and cadence was about 121. Heart rate was 167 for 10 mins then 176 for the last 10 mins. Speed was averaging 29mph for first 10 mins and 31mph for last 10 mins.

10 miles in 19mins 48seconds.

Running machine next. 7.5mph for first 5mins and incrementally increased speed when I felt like it. Sprinted last 0.5km at 10mph.

 5km in 23mins 38 secs.

Its not just the fast times that I'm surprised at but how quickly I recovered to do a run afterwards, which is fairly swift for my standards. Only had 3 mins rest inbetween.

Swam with Tri club after. About 2km in 1hr.

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