Saturday, 30 January 2010

Velodrome Madness

Sunday 24th Jan: Manchester velodrome were hosting a cycle jumble and since I'm a sucker for a bargain we went to pick a few up. We arrived at 11am and there were huge queues so we went to put a deposit on a car first instead. Rang up and it had been sold, not again!!!!!!!! Not having any luck at all. Arrived back at the jumble around 11.30 and the queues had gone but parking was non existant. If its going to be this bad at Revolution on 27th feb we had better get there really early. Heard theres going to be a very good line up at this ones event and it's sold out! Definitely not like me to get in quick. I was expecting some big name stands/distributers but they were mainly small business/market stall type selling new, used or antique gear. Most of the gear was very interesting and there were many bargains to be had. I was on the look out for carbon wheels but there were none to be found. As well as a wheel fettish I have a tyre one too and could have bought lots of pairs at knock down prices but somehow I managed not to.

I found a race face seat post with no set back for £10 and a pair of Nike spd/spd-sl/look etc shoes also for £10 well chuffed with the shoes as they fit perfectly and will replace my Shimano r085 which are too big at size 44. If anyone is a size 44 and will use them, pay postage and they are yours. Spd/spd-sl/look compatible-not supplied, silver/white/dark blue. First to post a message, secures. Saw Janet from Middleton Cycling club and another member. They were doing watt bike sessions, £1 for 5 mins or a go at winning the 250m standing start sprint. Obviously I fancied my chances at the sprint. I was up against a couple of veterans and set my pedals and seat. The started fiddled with the computer and counted us down 5-4-3-2-1 Go!!! I was in the second highest gear and gave it my all standing up all the way and after 10 seconds the starter shouted STOP STOP!! the computer hasn't recorded!! Oh my god I was bolloxed and I had to do it again. He offered to do it in 20 mins time but I was going to leave after this so went for the sprint straight after. Second time round I looked at the computer and could see my bike getting closer to the finish line, starter shouted HALF WAY and I had gone, nothing left in the tank, and coasted to the finish. 14.01 seconds, the fastest of the day was 13.38. Hmmm would I have beaten that? I know so! Gutted, no! Fuming! ( when I got my breath back) The vets got about 16.5secs each. Many hours were spent at the jumble and we eventually had to go.

Monday to Thursday I cycled to work and haven't managed to do anything else, nothing at the tri club or gym as I have been preparing for a route passout and rules competency for work.

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