Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Desperate times.......

Arghhhh, this is getting unbearable. More snow and minus temperatures are totally ruining my winter training and setting me back a month, maybe more. I have the velodrome booked on Friday and numerous spinning sessions this week, all will have to be cancelled. It was sooo bad I couldn't get into work on Tuesday. Wood St was a mess, like a scene from the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan but without the blood and bullets.. and guns...and explosions...and.... you get the idea. So after watching a very short documentary of Lance Armstrong and seeing him on the turbo trainer I remembered that I have one of them!!! I bought it for the missus at the beginning of the year along with a mountain bike ( pink I must add). She was doing excellently, enjoying spin classes, learning to swim and lost 4 stone ish before she got pregnant. Typical :). She still doesn't know how to ride a bike yet. I have kept it in storage as it is very noisey and didn't think I would ever need it at all as I thought I was well kitted out for winter outdoor riding. It is all set up and ready to go in the living room. Sorry Pete, Ive found a use for the tri bars I was gonna give ya :P

On a seperate note my bloggin days could have been over tonight. I was happily eating my tea, stir fry chicken and veggies, when I noticed a silver, thin object on my spoon. OMG it was a hair pin, a couple of inches long, or of similar nature! Now the only place it could have come from is the large bag of rice I had bought as I washed and chopped the veggies and broke up the chicken with my fingers. The rice I just poured straight into the cooker unable to see what was coming out. I guess someone switched off the metal detector the day that was being bagged. The offending bag is below.

I must be single handedly keeping the country afloat and out of recession with the amount of cash I keep spending, firstly on bike gear and secondly on stuff to shut the wife up and keep her content. Bleedin' women, bleeding me dry more like :P Next purchase is a car with 4 doors.
Just a few piccies of what I have bought recently and what Pete got me for Chrimbo ( the Blackburn Delphi 6 computer...with cadence, heart rate monitor and altimeter).
Also some piccies of my bike workshop, which is usually jam packed full of bikes.
Just to liven things up a bit really as there's not much to blog about. Had to buy some tyres today.
Whilst examining Jamis I examined the front tyre (schwalbe stelvio - won't buy again as the rubber deteriorates very quickly) and found lots of glass and gouges.
Ordered some cheapo Vittoria Rubino's for commuting. Tempted to go for Open Paves, but green? I already have a Zafiro pro and very impressed so these must be of similar quality? It would be rude not to' abuse' my newly found platinum status at Wiggle ( 12% discount) Got some Park tube repair patches to have one last go at patching the numerous innertubes that have gone on me. If no luck and I fail I'm sending them to Redbikes and he can do as he pleases. Still debating whether to do Cheshire Cat. I don't think Pete will do it as its a tad expensive and I know Ill end up riding alone, which isn't a bad thing but...well I just dunno. I better decide quick as places might run out just like Chirk Triathlon :(


  1. Inner tubes are always welcome. Thankfully i've not had a flat since I switch to Bontrager hardcase tyres.

    The weather seems to be keeping the bottle smashing chavs indoors. As they're no longer huddled under briges drinking there's a lot less glass on the paths.

  2. Oh an indoor workshop...you luck b*stard :-)

    I end up taking over a corner of the kitchen for short durations, or even freeze my arse of outside:-(

    I have moved from Turbo to Rollers, they are a lot more interesting :-) (The risk of falling off them keeps you interested!)