Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Love Wheels ( and red things)

Arggghhh. It took me nearly 2 hrs to clean up the Fulcrum racing zeros to get them in a condition I was given them. He wouldn't lend me anything else in the future otherwise. He has a pair of Zipp 404 clincher....*droooool* I DONT WANT TO GIVE THEM BACK. I hope he's reading this :P From the piccies I dont think they suit the bike but that isn't the reason I didn't end up purchasing these. I always like to try new/different things for example if I had a box of choccies Id take a little bite out of every one just to see what they taste like.
There have been some good things said about the Dura-ace cl c24's and are quite a bit cheaper than the zeroes. Their weights are fairly similar at 1400g.
Initial thoughts....... flimsy, thin, light, braking surface too smooth? bearings, whilst smooth don't spin well at all. I hope I haven't chosen wrong. The Fulcrums are miles ahead of the dura ace at the moment but the proof is in the riding.
Red anodised brakes just to lighten Jamis up a bit. Look ace so I might have to put them on Scottie. You can see how much juice I had left after my 70 mile ride on Sunday, quite a lot! That the only bottle I took.


  1. When I started MTBing seriously back in the very early days it was blue or purple anodised bits that were all the rage. So Red is now the colour of choice eh?

  2. Red things go faster!