Friday, 5 February 2010

Just a quickie

Monday 1st Feb : Gym for just over an hour at Rochdale, bike and my now obligatory row. 5000m in 19.29mins. I seem to be having a problem with the row machines as the resistance / drag factor isn't high enough due to the vents being blocked with dust so seems to be getting harder and harder. Ill try out Middleton's later on in the week.
Tri Club Spinning session, 1hr and lots of hill climbing and intervals as some one mentioned doing the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon.

Tuesday 2nd Feb: At hospital with missus again! Just a spin session and 1hr 20 in gym 5000m row 19.30mins.

Wednesday 3rd Feb: Just cycled to work and managed to get home before the blizzards arrived.

Thursday 4th Feb: 2hrs + hard in the gym. 50 mins on gym bike averaging just over 2:20/mile. 10,000m on row machine 39mins 30 seconds which is about 1:58.6 mins/500m average and beats my previous best by about 5 mins!!!!! My back was killing after this as the drag factor at Middleton gym was miles better than the Rochdale ones (DF 200+) . The resistance is harder but it is easier for me to keep a good speed. 30min easy on cross trainer.

Also swam with Rochdale Tri club and after a 20 mins warm up I found out it was Time Trial night again. I thought I would get cramp again like I did last time and not complete more than 2 lengths but during the warmup I felt fine. First up was 400m (16 lengths) with 3 in each lane setting off 10 secs apart. Took the first 100m fairly hard then rested for 200m and hit the last 100m sprinting. On the middle 200m I tried to overtake one of the guys but I ended up being cut up and had to stop for a while so lost a bit of momentum. I ended up with a time of 5mins 30 which is ok but I was aiming for under 5 mins which I should do easily if I hadn't been to gym before had. It was then 50m sprint ( 2 lengths) which I did in 30.5 secs thats without a dive and starting from the wall. Again a very good time but wanted under 30 seconds. Hard nights work.

Took possession of my new car which is a mazda 6 estate so that I can ferry my bikes to events all over the country :) I really mean its got 4 doors so its easy to get the baby in and out of the car seat.

Friday 5th Feb: Cycle to work and eat lots of crap day.

I've just bought a track bike :( When will this cycling obsession stop costing me money):


  1. Planet x, not arrived yet. Itching to use it already.